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County-Specific Domain Name
In my nearly fifteen years of working with businesses on their web presence, I know first hand that a county-specific domain from the county in which you do business will drive Google search traffic to your current website. It's quick and easy. Simply apply a redirect link to your site. The instant value this will bring to your business is amazing. While watching it significantly lower your advertising expenses, now more costly than ever, you'll get a huge number of visitors to your current website and a mailbox full of messages.
Google Optimized

Today, it is common for people to search on Google for public data, products or services in a county division of a state by adding the county name and two-letter state abbreviation at the end of their search string. This is even more true when searching courthouse records for all types of public data. The trend for out-of-state users is to enter the combination of all text, numbers, symbols, county name and two-letter state identifier into a search engine making the search more precise. The keywords in the search string are county name and two-letter state abbreviation.

Tried & True

As a specific example, visitors to the domain name chestercountypa.com are being redirected to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Chester County who is using this opportunity to attract customers. In just six months the numbers were in! 40% increase in redirect traffic, then shortly after the number increased to 70%. Repeat customers to their exisiting website have grown well over 200%. Who would have thought? For a closer look at how this redirect works, visit chestercountypa.com

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This domain unioncountypa.com is great for travel and tourism, restaurants, hotels and attractions. Owning it can be a huge benefit to your business. The domain is available through GoDaddy Auctions. Whether, or not, you want to buy it for your business is for you to decide, but similarly, for your business, you can target people from within your county with good results. If your goal is clear and you know your target customer base is from within your county, this county-specific domain is your best bet. It's the best investment you will ever make. Buy it now before somebody else does. Click CONNECT to buy now from GoDaddy.

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